The Islamic College heartily congratulates the winners of the 2015-16 awards!

The Ibn Sina Award for Best MA Dissertation

Yasmin Ahmed, for her dissertation titled:

‘Transcending Idiosyncrasy: An Investigation into the Appropriation of Islam by Muslims’

Yasmin is pictured below receiving her award from the Director of Research and Publications, Dr Shaykh Mohammed Ali Ismail.


The Abu Rayhan al-Biruni Award for Best BA Project

Susan Khwaja, for her project titled:

‘A Critical Comparative Analysis of the Development of Headwear Worn by Male Shi‘i and Sunni Clerics’

Susan is pictured below (left) with Fatema Muraj, the BA Academic Registrar.


The Shaykh Mufid Award for a paper published in Islamic Writings, the student journal of The Islamic College

  • Muhammad James, ‘A Comparative Study of the Political Philosophies of Abū Naṣr al-Fārābī and Rūḥollāh Khomeini’
  • Isha Haider Hasnain, ‘An Ideological War against Modernity: Is Sayyid Quṭb the Radical Ideologue of Daesh?’
  • Ali Al-Hilli, ‘Iraqi Shiʿa Political Parties: Their Founders and Political Thought’
  • Alishba Khaliq, ‘Human Knowledge in Relation to God in the Narratives of Dhū al-Qarnayn, al-Khiḍr, and the Seven Sleepers’
  • Seddigheh Moniri, ‘The Manifestation of Euro-Islam: Outlandish vs. Inlandish with Reference to the Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’