Book Reading Competition

Registration is closed for this event

The Islamic College invites you to participate in a book reading competition.

The competition is aimed at celebrating the life and legacy of the Noble Prophet of Islam Muhammad(s) as a part of the event to mark the auspicious occasion of Milad un-Nabi.

This is one of the biggest celebrations across the Islamic world which reflects deep love and devotion Muslims have for their Prophet of Mercy and the greatest gift from Allah.  The competition is designed to allow the readers to deepen their connection to and develop a meaningful relationship with beloved prophet by exploring the details of his character and the graceful exemplary life he led.

The participants will read Part 3: Revelation and Prophethood (Chapters 13-21) of the book, Man and Universe and then attend the test based on multiple choice questions as part of the competition.

Prizes will be awarded from three different categories for the First, Second and Third position winners.


The competition is open to the public and to all the students attending Hawza and various courses at the Islamic College. (Age 16+)


Students interested in entering the competition can read online or download Part 3: Revelation and Prophethood (Chapters 13-21) of  the book Man and Universe by Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahari by clicking on the picture below

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The book covers various aspects of the Prophet’s(s) life starting from childhood through to his lifestyle and character traits, his social and familial interactions, leadership style and distinguishing spiritual dimensions. Readers will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with finer details of the Prophet’s(s) life, its austere simplicity permeated with the deep rich spirituality, a life that was fully lived amongst the poorest and the most destitute and wholly dedicated to the service of Allah. Your reading would enable you to see what was it that engraved the name of this Noble Man in the heart of billions of Muslims that followed and why is it that this blessed light is still cherished and held sacred to this day.


To enter the competition interested participants should register here and be prepared to attend the Assessment Test based on the multiple-choice exam type of question. The deadline for registration is 28th November at 12 noon.

Registration is closed for this event.


2nd December between 15:00 – 16:15 at The Islamic College


The name of the winners of the competition will be announced at the main Milad un-Nabi celebration ceremony on 6th December together with the prize distribution to the winners.