A big “Well done!” to the winners of this year’s awards!

The Ibn Sina Award for best MA Dissertation went to Catherine Jones-Cooke (pictured below) for her superb study titled Are UK fostering and adoption laws and policies compatible with Islamic principles?. In recognition of her achievement, Catherine received a plaque and the sum of £300.

The Abu Rayhan al-Biruni Award for best BA project was won by Fatemeh Navazeshzadeh Ghamsari. Fatemeh’s work was titled Understanding Inheritance and Gender Equality. She is pictured below receiving her award: a plaque and £200.

The winners of the Shaykh Mufid Award – given to students whose work is published in the student journal of College, Islamic Writings – are listed below. These students each receive £50.

  • Fezal Khan Boodhoo, Milestones: How Coherent was Sayyid Qutb’s Methodology for Revival?
  • Zaheer Hassan Sheikh, A Critical Review of Mohammad Iqbal’s Philosophy
  • Hussain Raza Muhammad, Medical Uses of Honey
  • Adzlan Omarshah Yusof Hassan, An Expose of Key Issues Ongoing Judicial Ijtihad and Principles of Jurisprudence in Islamic Family Law
  • Sakina Rizvi, Comparative Analysis of Insan Kamil and Ubermensch
  • Abdullah Azam, Mudarabah: Its history and critical views