Amir De Martino

Name Amir De Martino
Position Programme Leader for BA Islamic Studies
Department Specialties Islamic history, Theology, Contemporary Muslim societies, Education
Email Address Phone Number 020 8451 9993

Amir De Martino is an Italian-born holding an MA in Islamic Studies from The Islamic College and a combined BA degree in Persian Language and Studies of Religion from SOAS –University of London. His Master dissertation was on: The development of ʿĀshūrāʾ rituals in Shiʿa Islam.

Amir De Martino was trained in Islamic classical studies at the Hawzah Imam Hussein – London (prior to its merger with the Islamic College for Advanced Studies). In 2010 he obtained a PGCE in Social Research Methods from the department of Education at Roehampton University as part of his preparation for doctoral studies. He has taught Islamic History modules and others various modules at the Islamic College for over a decade. At present, he is the programme leader of the BA (Honours) in Islamic Studies programme offered in partnership with Middlesex University. Amir De Martino is also a member of the Westminster’s SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education).


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Module Code Module Type Module Title Instructor Program
ISC 115 Compulsory The Formative Period of Islam Amir De Martino BA Islamic Studies
ISD 223 Optional Muslims in the West Amir De Martino BA Islamic Studies