Syed Jalal Masoomi

Name Syed Jalal Masoomi Position Lecturer
Department Specialties

Recitation of Qur’an Islamic Education

Email Address Phone Number 020 8451 9993


Master in Diplomacy and International Relations from Diplomatic University of Madrid.

Bachelor in Spanish language. Lecturer of English, Spanish, Arabic, Dari and

Persian languages.

Director, producer, presenter in private televisions.

Tutor, teacher and recitor of Quran in the UK.

Teacher at Asra On Line School

Teacher at Al Sādiq (Khoee) School

Relevant to be a diplomat, lecturer, professor, T.V director, producer and presenter, Quran

professor and tutor in Rules of recitation and voice and tunes

Research and Publications

Education, Qualification and Training


 2013-Now        Middlesex University, London, UK

(Doctorate in Professional Studies- Teaching the recitation of the Holy Quran)

2009-2010        Diplomatic University of Madrid. Spain.

(Master in Diplomacy and International Relations)

2000- 2004       Alama Tabatabaee University, Tehran, Iran.

(Bachelor and graduated from Literature and Foreign Languages Faculty)

1990-2005        Qaem Aal Mohammad(pbuh) Quranic School, Damghan, Iran.

(Diploma of Qualified Recitator and Teacher of Quran in Iran)



Quran: Quran Recitation Lecturer at the Islamic College of London

2014- Now

Quran: Quran Recitation teacher and tutor at Safeer TV in London

2019 – Now

Quran: Qur’ānic Arabic Teacher at Asra On Line School

2020 – Now

Quran:Qur’ān Teacher at Al Sādiq School

2012- 2014

Quran: Quran Recitation teacher and tutor at Ahlulbayt TV in London

2012- 2014

Quran: Quran Recitation teacher and tutor at Ahlebait TV in London

2010- 2017

Quran: Teacher and Head Master at The Imam Hussain Foundation Saturday School in London.



Quran: Teacher of Quran at the Association of Recitors in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Tawashi and Ibtihal: Leader of Nida al Haq Nasheed Group in Kabul, Afghanistan.

English: English Teacher at Ariana Television, Kabul University and Spanish Embassy.


Spanish: Spanish Lecturer and professor at Spanish Department, Kabul University.


Arabic and Quran: Teaching Quran at Qaem Aal Mohammad(pbuh) Quranic School in

Damghan, Iran.


1). Quran Professor at the Islamic College of London, UK.

2). Quran teacher at Safeer, Ahlulbayt and Ahlebait TVs in London,UK.

3). Presenter at Safeer, Ahlulbayt and Ahlebait TV in London, UK.

4). Professor at Spanish Language Department at Kabul University in Afghanistan.

5). Director, Producer, Presenter at Ariana Television, Kabul, Afghanistan.

6). Author and Director of  Theatres plays at Kabul University and Alama Tabatabee.

7). Poet in different languages in Iran and Afghanistan.

8). One of the successful recitors of Quran, Ebtihal, Tawashi and Azan in Iran and


9). Professor and lecturer of International Languages; Dari, English, Spanish, Arabic and Persian.

10). Quranic Arabic Teacher at Asra On Line School.

11). Quran Teacher at Al Sādiq Shool.


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