Dr Nehad Khanfar

Name Dr Nehad Khanfar Position Senior Lecturer & MA Program Leader
Department Specialties

Islam and Politics, Islamic Finance

Email Address
n.khanfar@islamic-college.ac.uk Phone Number 020 8451 9993


PhD Degree in Comparative Contract Law (mainly Islamic and English contracts). Acquired robust experience in teaching while employed by the An-Najah University (Palestine) and currently by the Islamic College (London) as a lecturer in Islamic law (commercial law, finance and economics, family law), Islamic and Arab Judicial System, Research Methodology and Academic Writing, Legal translation (English/Arabic). Also supervising research students (papers and dissertations) on BA/MA levels. Very strong experience in classical Arabic texts and jurisprudence. Strong experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses of Islamic economics, Islamic commercial and financial law. Program leader of MA Islamic law.

Research and Publications

1-The Liability of the International Arbitration Institutions on the Arbitrator’s Errors: An Examination of the Influence of legal traditions of Civil and Common Law. Kuwait International Law School Journal. Special Supplement No. (2) Part 2- 2019
2-An Examination on the Civil Liability of the Israeli Occupation on Damaging the Palestinian Environment under International Law (April 2018), accepted for publication, Birziet University, Palestine.
2 – The Role of Distance Education in Bridging the Gap in the Islamic Finance Qualifications Market, Middlesex University, 2017, special issue.
3 – Error and Misrepresentation under the Draft Palestinian Civil Law: A Comparative Critique. (2017), Electronic Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (EJIMEL), University of Zurich (UZH).
4 – A Critical Analysis of the Concept of Gharar in Islamic Financial Contracts: Different Perspective, Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development – Articles – Volume 37 (2016) Number 1
5 – A Critical Assessment of the Islamic Banks’ Governance under English Law: legal pioneering or pragmatic adaptation? Kuwait International Law School Journal. ISSN 2410-2237. Special Supplement No. (1)- Part I-May 2016. PP 171-196.
6 – Britain Moving Ahead on Islamic Finance (Islam Today, London 2013)
7 – The legal structure of Sukuk and their role in redistributing wealth (Islam Today, London 2013)
8 – The legal structure of Islamic Insurance (Takaful) (Islam Today, London 2013)
9 – The Islamic Contract: A Simplification of the Financial and Legal Context (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2009)
10 – The Applicability of the Islamic Mortgage Contract under English Law (Web Journal of the Current Legal Issues 2009)

Education, Qualification and Training

Education, Qualifications and Training
09/2010 Qualified Arbitrator of Financial Contracts
09/2006 – 03/2010 PhD in Comparative Contract Law at Abertay University of Dundee, Scotland
09/2003 – 09/2005 Master Degree in Political Planning and Development at An-Najah National University, Palestine
09/1995 – 01/2002 BA in Law at An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine


Senior Lecturer and Program Leader
 Teaching comparative civil Law and Comparative Financial contracts related subjects.
 Key person for liaison with the internal and external stakeholders
 Supervising students’ dissertations
06/2010 – 06/2011 An-Najah University/School of Law, Nablus, Palestine
 Teaching Comparative Civil Law (sources and rules of obligations), Business/Commercial Law, Comparative Contract Law, Islamic Financial Contracts.


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