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A Centre of Excellence and the No.1 Choice for

Islamic Studies

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Founded almost a quarter of a century ago in London, The Islamic College has consistently and successfully continued to fulfil its vision of creating a high-quality research and teaching environment for all academically affiliated and independent researchers who wish to acquire and/or further develop solid and in-depth knowledge of various aspects of the diverse field of Islamic Studies

Through its publication of scholarly titles in both modern and traditional approaches to Islamic Studies, producing a well-established peer-reviewed journal, providing first-class academic programmes and short courses in Islamic Studies –from philosophy and kalam to the exegesis of the Quran, and the study of fiqh, usul-al-fiqh, and hadith studies, and from Islam and modernity, Islam and modern politics, methods and perspectives in Islamic studies, to advanced Arabic and Persian classes– the Islamic College has succeeded to create a genuine thriving knowledge community in both its in-house and online platforms. Those who join this community are guaranteed to experience a critical and rational approach to the study of religion.

In the past twenty-five years, hundreds of young or mature enthusiastic students, from different religious denominations, have successfully completed the academic programmes at The Islamic College. Many of these happy graduates have successfully continued their career paths as professionals in various fields, as businessmen, lawyers, teachers, community leaders and so on, while others have opted for academically oriented activities and pursued further postgraduate and doctoral degrees and post-doctoral opportunities in internationally renowned universities and academic institutions.

Looking back at more than two decades of the activities of The Islamic College in the UK, we can proudly state that The Islamic College has been a force for good in British society, and the positive fruits of its hard work and dedicated efforts have benefitted many academic and professional bodies all around the globe.