IQA 110 – Morphology



• Introduction to Morphology
• Nunation (al-Tanwīn) and the Absence of Vowels (al-Sukūn)
• The Vocals (al-Ḍawābit), Hamzah and Weak Letters (Ḥurūf al-‘Illah)
• Types of Verbs
• Conjugation of the Verb with its Pronouns
• Types of Nouns
• Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers (al-‘Adad al-Aṣlī and al-‘Adad al-Tartībī)
• Desinential Syntax (al-‘Irāb) of Nouns and Verbs
• Indeclinable Nouns and Verbs
• Hidden Vowels
• The Inflective and Non-Inflective Noun (al-Fi‘l al-Munṣarif and Ghayr al-Munṣarif)
• Prepositions (al-Ḥurūf)

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Modes
Graded assessment is by portfolio and written examination. The portfolio will comprise of eight completed exercises of no more than 350 words each on topics covered in class. The written examination will take place at the end of the module.

Assessment Weighting
Portfolio: 50 %
Written examination: 50 %

Learning materials

Core readings
Al-Shartuni, R. (2007). Mabadi al-Arabiyyah. Qum: Dar al-Ilm.