IQA 112 – Analytical Grammar



The syllabus topics for this module largely follow the pace and structure of the material covered in the Morphology and Syntax modules. The topics covered include:
• What is Analytical Grammar?
• The Moods of the Imperfect Verb (al-Fi‘l al-Muḍāri‘)
• Morphological Analysis of Verbs
• The Cases of the Noun (al-’Ism)
• Hidden Vowel Signs of a Declinable Noun
• Morphological Analysis of Nouns
• The Adjective (al-Na‘t) and the Conjuction (al-‘Atf)
• The Emphatic (al-Tawkīd) and the Apposition (al-Badl)
• Desinential Syntax (al-I’rāb) of Indeclinable Words and Sentences
• Prepositions (al-Ḥurūf)

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Modes
Graded assessment is by portfolio and written examination. The portfolio will comprise of eight completed exercises of no more than 350 words each on topics covered in class. The written examination will take place at the end of the module.

Assessment Weighting
Portfolio: 50 %
Written examination: 50 %

Learning materials

Core readings
Darwish, M. (1994). ‘Irab al-Qur’an wa Bayanuh. Damascus: Dar al-Irshad.
Safi, M. (1997). Al-Jadwal fi ‘Irab al-Qur’an. Damascus: Dar al-Rashid.