IQA 114 – Listening and Speaking



Listening and speaking skills are developed in the context of the following areas:
• Pronouncing Letters and Words
• Greetings
• The Family
• Ethics in the Qur’an
• Stories of the Prophets in the Qur’an
• Islamic Laws in the Qur’an
• Beliefs
• The Islamic Calendar and Telling the Time
• Numbers
• Transport and Travel
• Food and Drink
• Study
• Work
• Shopping
• The Weather
• Hobbies and Recreation
• Health and Body

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Modes
Graded assessment is by portfolio and oral examination. The portfolio will comprise of eight listening and speaking tasks on various syllabus topics. The oral examination will last for approximately 15 minutes and will require students to correctly express thoughts on various syllabus topics.

Assessment Weighting
Portfolio: 50 %
Oral examination: 50 %

Learning materials

Core readings
Al-Fawzan, A. B. I. and Hussayn, M. B. Tahir. (2007). Al-Arabiya Bayn Yadayk. Riyad: Arabic for All.