ISD 326 – History of the Spread of Islam



The module covers the following topics:
• Factors leading to the spread of Islam
• The spread of Islam in the Arabian peninsula
• The spread of Islam to Mesopotamia and Persia
• The spread of Islam to Egypt and North Africa and its progress to Eastern, Central and Western Africa
• Penetration of Islam into the Indian Sub-continent and the Far East
• The appearance of Islam in Europe and North-America

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Mode
Assessment for this module consists of a 1,000 word coursework as well as a 2 hour written examination that will take place at the end of the module.

Assessment Weighting
Coursework: 40 out of 100
Written examination: 60 out of 100

Learning materials

Core readings
Ezzati, A. (2002) The Spread of Islam, London: ICAS Press.