MIN 408 – Classical Islamic History



• Pre-Islamic Arabia on the eve of Islam
• The message and the Messenger
• The Mecca period and the early Muslim community
• The Medina community and its boundaries
• The Meccan Qurayshi rulers
• The Qurayshi Umayyad state and its opposition’
• The Nature of the Umayyad opposition
• The Qurayshi ‘Abbasid first period
• The emergence of the religious regional powers
• The rise of the non-Qurayshi military rule in the late ‘Abbasid period
• Religion and polity – the chronic clash of the community

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Modes
Individual coursework of 3500 words demonstrating ability to debate and explore ideas.

Assessment Weighting
Individual coursework: 100%

Learning materials

Core readings
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