Student Testimonials


Seyed AmirHossein Asghari 

“When I reflect on my two years studies with Islamic College’s comparative philosophy program, I conclude that it was an extraordinary gateway to prepare me toward a further professional academic journey.  Through the online means of communication with professors and the intensive courses and assignments, I earned a world-class educational experience.
On the other hand, I appreciated the opportunity to study part-time at the Islamic College, as this allowed me to work while studying something I admire and always wanted to make.
I utilise many of the skills I learned from in The Islamic College in my Ph.D. courses, and I am grateful to all the faithful professors and academic staffs there. “


Cathy Harrison

“I was very pleased with the entire process of earning my MA through the Islamic College’s Distance Education Department.  The combination of rigorous academics and full support from both instructors and staff made the programme a wonderful experience, which has prepared me well for doctoral studies.”

Michael Arnold-c

Michael Arnold

“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete my MA in Islamic Studies with the Distance Education Program at the Islamic College. The combination of flexibility and quality education allowed me to keep working and prepare for a continuing career in academia. It wasn’t always easy. The course content was not only intellectually stimulating but also demanding, however, the professors and instructors made life easier through their support, knowledge and access to resources. Although undertaking a Master’s degree via distance education wasn’t my first choice, life circumstances at the time made it the only pathway available to me. As a current PhD candidate and research professional at an international research centre, I feel the combination of academic rigour, demand for excellence in research and the invaluable skills of time management and self-discipline acquired through my studies with the Distance Education Program of the Islamic College helped prepare me for my future endeavours.”


Dione Rupert

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete the Islamic College’ s Masters Degree programme in Islamic Studies. This programme afforded me the independence and flexibility to advance my education through a distance learning format. The instructors are highly knowledgeable in the subjects being taught and always keen to provide continuous support and useful feedback throughout the program. The course material is interesting and well organised, with a user-friendly learning platform and assignments that ensured a comprehensive understanding of the subject being taught. Anyone who is seeking to expand their education with high-quality learning I would recommend this programme. Thank you Islamic College!”

Amany Shalaby-c

Amany Shalaby

“I really enjoyed enrolling in the Distance Education Department of the Islamic college. I appreciate the fact that the curriculum teaches all school of thoughts, and all topics related to the Islamic sciences. This made me realize the richness of the Islamic heritage, and widened my knowledge and understanding. In addition, I was introduced to different school of thoughts in Western philosophy which sharpened my critical thinking, and ignited my love for philosophy. The sylupsi were well organized, and the materials assigned for reading and studying were wide and thought provoking. Assignments were intense, and pushed me to do my best, but I also found the professors understanding and flexible whenever I approached them with concerns or requests. I appreciated their scrutiny of my work; for it showed their care and the sincerity of their guidance to help me form my best philosophical arguments. I’ve been recommending the Distance Learning Program for many prospective students among people who are interested in philosophy of religions.”


Alishba Khaliq

“Being able to complete a degree while working full-time gave me the opportunity to pursue my academic interests without accumulating the extortionate financial debt that normally accompanies higher education. The material covered in the MA Islamic Studies course was stimulating and engaging; opening up avenues for further thought and innovative scholarship. It has been a pleasure to be able to uncover centuries of wisdom through the material covered.”

Islam Uddin-c

Islam Uddin

“The distance learning postgraduate programme at the Islamic College provided an excellent opportunity for me to resume my studies in a flexible manner balanced with work and family life. The teaching standards were of high quality and professional in delivery as expected with a British educational institute and incorporated classical and modern disciplines of Islamic studies. The college provided a wide range of resources and support services throughout my studies, which allowed successful completion of my degree.”

Syed Mehdi Ashraf

“My education at The Islamic College not only enlightened me about Islam but also provided me a platform to become a better structural engineer. I learnt how to critically analyse Quran; distinguish between spirituality and ritualism; and how the Prophet (s) preached the concept of Ummah as a community with common goals to progress and serve humanity. I believe if Muslims attend schools like The Islamic College, the teachings of Quran and the Prophet (s) will not be misquoted and the world will be a better place to live.”

Ayesha Hussain

I have been very fortunate to have completed my MA in Islamic Law with the Distance Learning Program at the Islamic College. This online programme enabled me to pursue my academic studies along with my work and Classical Islamic education. I am indebted to the instructors and the staff for their continuous support and assistance throughout my journey of postgraduate education at the  Islamic college. The course content covered diverse doctrinal viewpoints without any form of biasness, whilst engaging the students to the current political issues that Muslims are faced with and protecting them from false ideologies and thoughts, with rigorous weekly assignments. In conclusion the entire mode of learning is a gateway towards doctoral studies.

Husain Raza Mohammad

I could not be speak highly enough of my distance MA experience with the Islamic College over the last two years. That it was distance allowed me to work as a medical doctor full time, whilst also taking a major step into the world of professional Islamic academia. The subject modules are diverse, the tutors excellent (knowledgeable and mostly engaging), the provided course content brief but insightful (complemented by suggested reading) and the admin team always ready to help. The weekly submission based system ensures steady progression without allowing things to pile up too much (which is otherwise a real risk with distance learning). The approach is very neutral and academic whilst also doing the sources and subjects justice. All in all, a wonderful experience that broadened my horizons, advanced my academic career and taught me valuable skills and knowledge that I will treasure lifelong!