The Holy Prophet Muhammad saw

1st Nov – 22nd Nov 2019

Time: 18:30 – 20:30

The Islamic College is pleased to announce that coinciding with the upcoming anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday in the month of Rabi Al Awwal

it will offer a series of lectures on Friday nights on the life and teachings of the Seal of Prophethood.

Here are the titles of the lectures to be delivered at the College:

Finality of the Prophethood from the Perspectives of Muhammad Iqbal, Murtada Mutahhari and Ali Shari’ati

A Critique of Abdokarim Soroush’s View on Revelation (Prophetic Dream)

The Prophet in The Eyes of Westerners From The Early Middle Age Until Now

Socio-Political Sira of Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and It Relevance to Modern Life

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