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ISC204 – Islamic Philosophy

The goal of this module aims is to familiarize students with the basic concepts and nomenclature of contemporary Islamic metaphysics (ilahiyyat). Metaphysics studies the fundamental nature of reality; what are the most basic kinds of entities are and their essential characteristics? Traditionally, metaphysics has been concerned with topics such as the properties of things, causality, knowledge, and God. This module will introduce students to the basic concepts of and debates taking place within contemporary Islamic metaphysics; and systematically and analytically engage with philosophical questions about the nature of reality, causation, time, and God. Moreover, it will develop the students’ ability to evaluate and critique philosophical arguments, while also learning how to construct sound arguments for their own points of view.
Module Title : Islamic Philosophy
Module Type: Core
Program: BA Islamic Studies
Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Islamic Philosophy (ISD104)
Credit(s): 20
Module Code: ISC204
Component(s): Coursework: 40% - Written examination: 60%


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