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ISC316 – Modern Islamic History

This module aims to provide students with the final piece of the puzzle, so that (combined with their previous knowledge) they will have a complete grasp of the 14 centuries of the historic development of Muslim nations and how history has shaped the Islamic world as we know it today. It will introduce the period following the end of the Abbasid dynasty. The main focus will be on providing students with a critical analysis of the Ottoman caliphate and Safavid and Qajar rule. It will cover the factors of their declines and the attempts of administrative reforms made by the rulers and the response to these reforms and the religious and political trends that ended up with the formation of nation states.
Module Title : Modern Islamic History
Module Type: Core
Program: BA Islamic Studies
Prerequisite(s): The Middle-Period of Islamic History (ISC212)
Credit(s): 10
Module Code: ISC316
Semester: ---
Component(s): Coursework: 50% - Written examination: 50%


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