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ISD109 – Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture

The course provides a thematic rather than chronological survey of Islamic art and architecture in the Muslim world, from Spain and West Africa to South-East Asia and China. The artistic production of Muslim societies includes architectural monuments such as mosques, palaces, textiles, manuscripts, and portable objects in ceramic, gold, silver, metal alloys, ivory, and rock crystal. This introductory course will explore the main stylistic and iconographic themes in Islamic art and architecture and highlight the diversity of its expressions over a thousand-year period. There will be cultural visits to museums and exhibitions to explore the collection of Islamic art from the seventh to the seventeenth century.
Module Title : Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture (c. 650-1600)
Module Type: Designated
Program: BA Hawza Studies
Prerequisite(s): Designated
Credit(s): 10
Module Code: ISD109
Component(s): Written report: 50% - Presentation: 50%


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