MIN 403 – Methods and Perspectives in Islamic Studies



  1. Preliminaries: On Methods, Methodologies and Perspectives in General; Ethical Concerns, Developing Research Proposal; Conceptualising a Research Design; A Framework for Writing Research Reports/Dissertations/Essays; Presentation of a research report
  2. An Assortment of the Most Important Methodologies for HSS/IS
    o Critical Rationalism
    o Positivism
    o Phenomenology
    o Hermeneutics and Post-positivist (including Feminist) Approaches
  3. A variety of Qualitative Methods:
    o Situational Analysis
    o Historical Research
    o ‘Evidence-based’ Research
    o Hermeneutics, Hypothetico-Deductive, and interpretive Methods
    o Objective hermeneutics
    o Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)
    o Text and Discourse Analysis
    o ‘Critical’ Discourse Analysis
    o Grounded Theory
    o Literature review with regard to major resources in various Islamic fields
  4. A variety of Quantitative Methods
    o Survey Method
    o Empirical Methods in Information Extraction (including Using internet and appropriate software for research in Islamic Studies)
  5. A variety of Mixed Methods
    o Delphi
    o Action Research
    o Talk-in-Interaction

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Modes
Individual coursework (4000 words), class presentation on a selected topic demonstrating ability to debate and explore ideas; a print-out of the slides needs to be submitted, two critical review activities to be graded on topics agreed with the lecturer during class requiring students to enhance their understanding of the facts and concepts presented to them in class (1500 words each).

Assessment Weighting
Individual coursework: 60%
Study presented in the class 20
Review Activity: 20%

Learning materials

Core readings
Drew, P. Raymond, G. Weinberg D. eds. (2006) Talk and Interaction in Social Research Methods, Sage Publications
Fairelough, N. (2006) Discourse and Social Change, Polity Press
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