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QAC11 – Syntax

This module aims to develop a thorough understanding of Arabic Syntax (‘Ilm al-Naḥw), the science that discusses the states of word-endings once the words have been composed into a sentence. It will instil an appreciation of the important role syntax plays in enabling the reader to correctly understand verses of the Qur’an, traditions and other classical texts. It will examine a complete range of syntactical rules and structures and to explore how changes in grammatical composition affect meaning; and develop skills in critical reading and understanding classical Arabic, enhancing the student’s ability to refer to the wealth of Arabic resources required for Islamic studies.
Module Title : Syntax
Module Type: Core
Program: Cert HE in Qur’anic Arabic
Prerequisite(s): None
Credit(s): 20
Module Code: QAC11
Component(s): Portfolio: 30% - Written examination: 70%


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