ICAS PRESS LATEST PUBLICATION – Shi‘i Theology: A Translation of Kashf al-Murad fi Sharh Tajrid al-I‘tiqad

Shi‘i Theology is a translation of the seminal Arabic work Kashf al-Murad fi Sharh Tajrid al-I‘tiqad, a cornerstone of Twelver Shi‘i theology that has long served as a foundational textbook in seminaries. It is the most distinguished commentary on Nasir al-Din al-Tusi’s (d. 1274) Tajrid al-I‘tiqad, whose life and contributions are detailed in the prefatory section.

The first part of the book examines the concept of Allah, presenting compelling arguments for His existence and the necessity of a Creator. This section delves into intricate discussions on divine essence, attributes, and actions, as well as philosophical matters such as existence and nonexistence, cause and effect, substances and accidents, the definition of good and evil, and the problem of theodicy.

The second part explores the divine-human relationship, starting with prophethood, the necessity of prophethood, infallibility, and the Prophet Muhammad. It then delves into imamate, discussing the necessity of imamate, the nature of the Imam, arguments supporting Imam ‘Ali’s succession to the Prophet, and a historical overview of events at the end of the Prophet’s life. The book concludes with sections on the afterlife – covering resurrection, intercession, repentance, and the topography of the hereafter – alongside a section on the principles of enjoining good and forbidding evil.

This comprehensive examination of Shi‘i theology is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the core beliefs and principles of Shi‘ism in depth.

Price: £25

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ICAS PRESS LATEST PUBLICATION – Wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad: A Compendium of Prophetic Hadith


Hadith – the reported words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (S) – rank only second to the Qur’an in their importance in Islamic thought. This collection of hadith provides a plethora of hadith on a vast variety of subjects, categorised for ease of reference. A translation of the contemporary Arabic hadith collection Muntakhab Hikam al-Nabi al-A‘zam, the hadith have been selected with an eye for authenticity from prominent classical Shi‘i and Sunni sources and include subjects such as knowledge, the intellect, theology, the afterlife, childrearing, economics, the Companions, and Prophetic medicine. It is ideal for researchers and scholars of Islam as well as those wishing to gain a greater understanding of the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (S) in this era when misconceptions abound. Translated lucidly and meticulously, it is presented in a bilingual Arabic-English edition with periodic commentary.


Price: Two volumes £65

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Author: M Muhammadi Rayshahri

Cover: Hardback

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Theatre Night

Theatre Night

The Islamic College is proud to announce and present their first ever theatrical performance “Tales of Wisdom from Muslim Heritage” by the Khayaal Theatre Company

You will be transported in the world of Muslim wisdom through the voice of Eleanor Martin, a professional actress and stage director with 15 years’ experience. She is a founding Associate Director at Khayaal Theatre Company.

The acts performed are:

Quest for Knowledge

A young man applies to become an adept of a sage in pursuit of sacred knowledge only to find himself summarily charged with a seemingly simple task. The task becomes a toilsome trial of initiation that profoundly alters his perception of what it means to learn and know. A tale on the theme of orientation, charity and service by Khwaja Sammasi of Uzbekistan.

Worth of a Pearl

King Mahmud devises a test of loyalty and devotion for select high-ranking officials of his royal court involving a lustrous pearl. A tale by Rumi.

The Thornseller

Down and out on the margins of society, our thorn seller and his wife live in abject poverty until the appearance of a heavenly bird sets off a chain of events that sends their fortunes soaring and plummeting in equal measure. The alchemy of character and intention lie at the heart of this tumultuous story from Iran.


The Indian Tree

An emissary is dispatched to India to seek out the tree of eternal life only to have his efforts frustrated and his assumptions challenged by initial failure before being rightly directed to his goal at the 11th hour.

Join us, for what is going to be memorable night filled with wisdom.

Date: Friday 16th December 2022
Time:  6pm – 9pm
Location: Allameh Tabataba’i Hall (old building), The Islamic College, 133 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2SW
Ticket Price: £5  (includes free complimentary light refreshments)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Tickets can be purchased via PayPal: https://paypal.me/ahmadbawab1?country.x=GB&locale.x=en_GB (reference: Theatre Night). Alternatively, you can purchase your ticket via cash, credit card or bank transfer. For further enquiries contact Fatema Muraj.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged, or money refunded unless the performance for which the ticket is purchased is cancelled.
  • Attendees must have a valid ticket to gain entry to the hall.
  • Only 1 admission per ticket.
  • Additional Guest (aged 16+) are welcome, subject to purchase of a valid ticket.
  • The doors of the hall will open at 6:45pm and the performance will start at 7:15pm(sharp).
  • Refreshments will be served before the performance from 6pm onwards.
  • Food and Drink will not be allowed inside the Allameh Tabataba’i Hall.