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Dr M E Mesbahi

Dr M E Mesbahi
Director of Education
Islamic Education, Islamic Astronomy
Email Address
Phone Number
020 8451 9993


Dr M Mesbahi holds a PhD in Medical Tomography, and a great number of his academic papers and publications under SPIE, NI&M, JNM and IEEE are based on that theme. Nevertheless Islamic Education in the West and its complexities has also featured high in his list of priorities and has recently been central to his work. Based on his interest of teaching of Islam in the mainstream education as well as Islamic schools and colleges, Dr Mesbahi has taken part in the development of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas under the Middlesex Collaborative scheme. He has also authored the module text book for “Minorities, Rights and the Law”, SCATE formatted and aimed at on-line education.  Dr Mesbahi’s next conference papers will be “Movement and Migration in the Middle East: People and Ideas in Flux” and his most recent published work is titled “Global Citizenship: The challenges of Muslim Migration to Europe”. On a different note Dr Mesbahi is also known in the Muslim community for his expertise on Traditional astronomical sciences of “Nujum and Hay’at”. He has published many works in the field of Islamic astronomy and has a dedicated web site on Taghweem.


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