Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies (JSIS)

About the Journal

The Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies (JSIS) is a refereed academic journal published quarterly by ICAS Press for the Islamic College in London. The journal conscientiously aims to provide a scholarly platform for critical and informed articles in all fields of Shi‘a studies, including but not limited to, theology, philosophy, mysticism, law, jurisprudence, politics, history, Qur’an and hadith studies. Such articles will cover the most debate-worthy issues in the aforementioned fields in the hope of ultimately contributing to the resolution of various theoretical, methodological, and practical dilemmas encountered in Shi‘a Islamic studies.

JSIS also introduces and presents a variety of classical Shi‘a works that may be academically valuable to researchers in this field but have remained largely unknown to them. The journal dedicates a section of its publication to the critical assessment and vigorous review of books and publications, both old and new, concerning Shi‘a studies.

It is hoped that through such efforts JSIS will remain a valuable reference and resource for those researching and undertaking Shi‘a studies.

Editorial Board

Dr. Ahmad Jalali
The Islamic College, UK 

Mr. A. De Martino
The Islamic College, UK

Prof. H. Algar
University of California, USA

Dr. A. A. Allawi
Independent researcher

Mr. M. I. Asaria
Independent researcher

Prof. H. Ayatollahy
Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran

Dr. E. Bazzi
Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. A. Cancian
The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, UK 

Dr. A. Dastmalchian
King’s College London, London, UK

Prof. R. Gleave
University of Exeter, UK

Dr. N. Haider
Barnard College/Columbia University, New York, USA

Dr. J. Husain
Independent researcher

Dr. R. El-Husseini
The Graduate Center, CUNY, USA

Dr. M. Ipgrave
Church of England, UK

Dr. M. Javadi
University of Qum, Iran

Prof. H. Landolt
The Institute of Isma’ili Studies, London, UK

Prof. W. Madelung
University of Oxford, UK

Dr. R. Masterton
The Islamic College, London, UK

Prof. J. Morris
Boston College, USA

Dr. J. A. Morrow
Ivy Tech, Indiana, USA

Dr. A. J. Newman
The University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr. L. Peerwani
Al-Hedayah Academy Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Dr. S. A. Salehi
Independent Researcher

Dr. M. Samiei
University of Tehran, Iran

Prof. L. Takim
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Dr. A Vanzan
University of Milan, Italy

Prof. B. Wheeler
United States Naval Academy, Maryland, USA

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