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Vision & Mission


Our Vision

The Islamic College is dedicated to helping students fulfil their potential and to promoting academic knowledge based on authentic original Islamic sources. We aim to disseminate Islamic knowledge in an environment that accords with Islamic values and thus tries to emulate Islamic norms and values in which that knowledge matured, was nurtured, and developed. The College provides the best opportunity for students who want a deeper understanding of Islam, its philosophy, and its law, in its right context and perspective. 

Aims & Objectives

  1. To provide an integrated and iterdisciplinary approach to those interested in acquiring a critical, constructive, and comprehensive understanding of issues and topics about Islam
  2. To encourage original and analytical research across a wide range of subjects on Islam
  3. To help students become more articulate, independent, and reflective learners
  4. To equip students with the skills and knowledge required for employment or further study
    To create an inclusive environment for both Muslims and non-Muslims from different cultures and backgrounds 

Our Mission

In our programmes and research, we aim to provide more than just an academic understanding of Islam, as it is taught in most universities today. We want to present an ‘insider’s view’ of Islam and allow students to understand it as a living, breathing way of life, as well as a system of belief. This means they will not only study academic theories about Islam, but they will become acquainted with scholarly debates going on within Islam and what these mean for Islam’s future. In this way, we bring together education and spirituality, the classical and the modern, the academic and the practical. 

Good Practices

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