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Islamic Writings is the student journal of The Islamic College. The aim of the journal is to promote high standards of scholarship among students of the College. Established in 2009, Islamic Writings features essays and writings on a diversity of subjects pertaining to Islamic Studies, such as Qur’an and hadith studies, politics, theology, law, and mysticism. Undergraduate and graduate students are both eligible for their writings to be published in the journal.


The Influence of ‘Foreign’ Sources on Islamic Knowledge: The Case of Greek Philosophy
Sharaiz Chaudhry

Islam and Slavery – A Personal Quest for Understanding and Resolution
Zain-Al-Husain Moloobhoy

A Clash of Modernity: Evaluating Amina Wadud’s Argument for Gender Inclusion for Friday Prayers
Tim Orr

A Brief Account of the Influences of the Qādiriyyah, Shādhiliyyah, and ʿAlawiyyah Sufi Ṭarīqahs in East Africa
Yousuff Aden

Hajj Dilemma: Stampedes – Causes and Solutions
Manahill Osman

To What Extent Does Shūrā Relate to Democracy?
Khadijeh Ahmadi-Moghaddam

The Development and Journey of the Person in Naqshabandī Sufism and Twelver Imāmi ʿIrfāni Shi‘ism
Cemal Djemal


Transcending Idiosyncrasy: An Investigation into the Appropriation of Islam by Muslims
Yasmin Ahmed

A Comparative Study of the Political Philosophies of Abū Naṣr al-Fārābī and Rūḥollāh Khomeini
Muhammad James

An Ideological War against Modernity: Is Sayyid Quṭb the Radical Ideologue of Daesh?
Isha Haider Hasnain

Iraqi Shiʿa Political Parties: Their Founders and Political Thought
Ali Al-Hilli

Human Knowledge in Relation to God in the Narratives of Dhū al-Qarnayn, al-Khiḍr, and the Seven Sleepers
Alishba Khaliq

The Manifestation of Euro-Islam: Outlandish vs. Inlandish with Reference to the Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Seddigheh Moniri

Review of Islamic Theology: Traditionalism and Rationalism by Binyamin Abrahamov
Mohamedhassan Merali


Of Jinn and Men: Exploring the Notion of Jinn in the Qurʾan and Shiʿi Tradition
Mohammad Hadi Ailan

The Cliché of Civilizations: Islam is Not a Monolith
Mark A. Caudill

ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib as the First Expositor of the Doctrine of Determinism and Free Will
Munir Abbas Chagpar

The Gospel of Barnabas: A Muslim Forgery?
Amina Inloes

Adoption for Muslims Living in Britain
Zahra Kamal

Ataturk’s Disestablishment of the Sufi Ṭarīqahs: A Means to Absolute Power
Dione Rupert

The Formation of the Jaʿfarī Shiʿa Islamic School of Law from its Inception to the Occultation
Afzal Sumar


Epistemic Considerations in Islam: Interrelation between Theology, Philosophy, and Mysticism
Farhan A. Zaidi

Ethicism as Conceived in the Political Philosophies of Imam ‘Ali and Machiavelli: Modern-Day Relevance
Naila Tiwana

The Fast of ‘Āshūrā’
Khalil Jaffer

Yaqin: Certainty in Islam
Zahra Hosseini Milani

Orthodox Sunnī Sufism’s probable role in countering the Wahhābī-influenced Salafī threat to ‘diversity in unity’ in Islam
Chun Mun ENG

Islamic Law in Context: Ijtihad as the Parameter of Reconstruction?
Reeyaz Rajab

Socio-Political Impact of the Liberation Theology of ‘Ali Shari‘ati
Syed Mehdi Ashraf

A Critical Approach to the Problem of Takfir (Excommunication) in Salafism and its Intellectual Underpinnings
Mohammed S. El-Saeiti

Feminism: An Islamic Perspective
Islam Uddin


Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Light of Islamic Law
Cathy Harrison

Performance and Potential of Islamic Finance: A Contextual Study in the UK
Mareem Hussain

To Believe or not to Believe: Freedom of Religion, non-Coercion and Apostasy in Islamic Law
Michael Arnold

The Attack on the House of Fatima b. Muhammad: Historiographically analysing an oft-deployed polemical narrative
Sean Seymour

The Revivalism of Shaikh Uthmān dan Fodio (1754-1804) in Hausaland (Northern Nigeria)
Zubair Yousif

Kantian Sublimity and its Relation to Religion
Somayeh Tohidi

An Islamic Response to Wittgenstein’s Theory of Language Games
Fatema Walji


Conquest and the Conquered. Rights in the Middle Ages: A Comparative Study of the Ayyubid Conquest of Jerusalem and the Castilian Conquest of Granada
Brahim Rouabah

The Sultan Who Broke Europe
Suhail Shaikh

The Golden Chain of Bukhari
Sahar Bahmanpour

A Solely Isnad-Based Analysis of the Hadith ‘Women are Deficient in Intellect and Religion’
Sayed Mohsen Mear Al-Mousawi

Challenging Views on Female Religious Leaders – Islam and Christianity
Adilla Ibrahim Muhammad

The Permissibility of Female-Led Congregational Prayers within Islam
Shaahid Hasan Jaffer

Theft: Its Definition and Punishment under Islamic Law
Huda Abdul Wahab Fartousi

The Differences between the Sunni and Shiʿa Definitions of Sunnah
Zahra Kamal

The Introduction of Qiyas as a Means of Ijtihad
Saida Nasser

The Problem of Evil in Christianity and Islam
Daria Prokoshina

A Comparison between the Beliefs of Shinto and Islam with Particular Regard to the Concept of an Afterlife
Vivien Sadeghi

The Relationship between Ethics and Politics in Farabi’s Political Philosophy
Navid Nayeri


A Match Made in Heaven? Exploring the Potential Synergy Between Islam and Critical Rationalism
Abd al-Rauf Adekunle Shokoya

Sins of the Father: Are illegitimate children considered Juristically Just (ʿAdil) in Twelver Shiʿism?
Abbas Bahmanpour

Some Notes About the ʿUthmanic Codex
Abbas Jaffer

Legitimacy of the Theory of the Authority of the Jurist in Traditional Shiʿa Literature
Abbas Di Palma

The Creationism of the Qurʾan
Mareem Hussain

The Concept of the Unity Of Being: Ibn ʿArabi & Ahmad Sirhindi
Hikmat Allahverdiyev

Freedom, Imposition or Ban of the Veil? Between Islam and Modernity
Ali Haider Abidi

The Phenomenon of Shathiyyat and the Factors That Gave Rise to Those of Hallaj
Alihusain Datoo

Salvation in Islamic Theology
Johanna Marie Buisson

The Kalami Helix – Towards an Epistemological Theory of Kalam
Raeid Jewad

An Analytic Comparison on the Story of ʿAli and the Enemy As Narrated by Rumi and Ghazali
Azadeh Jalali


A Sectarian Milieu: The Qurʾan as a Source of Historical Information
Alexander Hainy

The Collapse of the Umayyad Dynasty
Zoheir Esmail

The Effect of ‘9/11’ on Islam in America
Husayn El-Mekki Abdullah-Aziz

The Hermeneutical Circle and Situational Logic in the Assessment and Interpretation of Islamic Sources
Mohammad Hadi Ailan

Love of God as the Uniting Factor for Muslims
Ali Haider Abidi

The Wahhabi Threat: A Historical Overview on Wahhabism’s Rise within the Emerging Kingdom and the Effects of its Doctrines on Shiʿa Citizenry
Omar Saloum

Hijab: Liberation in Jahiliyyah 
Aliya Gokal

An Ontological, Existential, and Epistemological Investigation of the Human Condition: Humanism Compared with Islam
Syed Omar Ameer Khan

Comparing the Tafsir of the Throne Verse in Tafsir ibn Kathir and Tafsir al-Mizan  91
Hussain Al-Musaad

A Comparison of Two Exegeses: Majmaʿ al-Bayan and Al-Kashshaf
Aaron Varricchio

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