Shaykh M Abbas

Name Shaykh M Abbas Position Programme Leader for BA Hawza / Foundation
Department Specialties Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Law
Email Address Phone Number 020 8451 9993

Graduated from the traditional seminary of Qum in and worked as a resident scholar at the KSIMC of Birmingham. While in Birmingham he acquired a MA in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham. He is a present candidate of research in the University of Exeter and works as a program leader for BA Hawza studies.


  • Theological Instructions a contemporary text on Shi’a Theology of Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi
  • A Discussion upon the Sufism and Shi’iaism, University of Birmingham 2012


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Module Code Module Type Module Title Instructor Program
HSC 215 Compulsory Islamic Ethics Shaykh Mirza Abbas BA Hawza Studies