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The Islamic College heartily congratulates the winners of the 2015-16 awards!

The Awards Committee chose Yasmin Ahmed’s work, titled Transcending Idiosyncrasy: An Investigation into the Appropriation of Islam by Muslims, as the winner of the Ibn Sina Award for best MA Dissertation. Yasmin is pictured below receiving her award – comprising a plaque and the sum of £300 – from the Director of Research and Publications, Shaykh Mohammed Ali Ismail.


Susan Khwaja won the Abu Rayhan al-Biruni Award, which is given for the best BA Project. Winners of this award receive a plaque and the sum of £200. Susan’s work was titled A Critical Comparative Analysis of the Development of Headwear Worn by Male Shi‘i and Sunni Clerics. She is pictured below (left) with Fatema Muraj, the BA Academic Registrar.


A student whose work is published in the student journal of College, Islamic Writings, wins the Shaykh Mufid Award and receives £50. This year’s winners were:

  • Muhammad James, ‘A Comparative Study of the Political Philosophies of Abū Naṣr al-Fārābī and Rūḥollāh Khomeini
  • Isha Haider Hasnain, ‘An Ideological War against Modernity: Is Sayyid Quṭb the Radical Ideologue of Daesh?
  • Ali Al-Hilli, ‘Iraqi Shiʿa Political Parties: Their Founders and Political Thought
  • Alishba Khaliq, ‘Human Knowledge in Relation to God in the Narratives of Dhū al-Qarnayn, al-Khiḍr, and the Seven Sleepers
  • Seddigheh Moniri, ‘The Manifestation of Euro-Islam: Outlandish vs. Inlandish with Reference to the Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Mohamedhassan Merali, ‘Review of Islamic Theology: Traditionalism and Rationalism by Binyamin Abrahamov


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