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HSC 312 – Demonstrative Jurisprudence 3

This module investigates jurisprudential edicts and their evidences relating to Unilateral Pronouncements (’Īqā‘āt) and Rulings (Aḥkām). It aims to generate a deeper understanding of the application of jurisprudential reasoning in the process of Islamic law derivation. It also aims to train students to distinguish the basis for differences in certain rulings of leading jurists as well as further develop skills in critical reading classical texts on Islamic jurisprudence.
Module Title:Demonstrative Jurisprudence 3
Module Type: Compulsory
Program: BA Hawza Studies
Prerequisite(s): Demonstrative Jurisprudence 2 (HSC 214)
Credit(s): 20
Module Code: HSC 312
Component(s): Written exam: 60 % Presentation: 40


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