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HSD221 – Arabic Rhetoric

This module aims to investigate the three major disciplines of Arabic Rhetoric: Word Order (‘Ilm al-Ma‘ānī), which is concerned with semantic syntax; Figures of Speech (‘Ilm al-Bayān), which discusses allegorical and non-allegorical significations, linguistic allusion and linguistic signalling; and Embellishments (‘Ilm al-Badī‘), which shows the language user how to bestow decorative lexical and semantic features upon his or her speech. It will provide students with a greater appreciation and understanding of Arabic in general and of the linguistic style and eloquence of the Qur’an in particular.
Module Title:Arabic Rhetoric
Module Type: Designated
Program: BA Hawza Studies
Prerequisite(s): Arabic Syntax (HSC113)
Credit(s): 10
Module Code: HSD221
Component(s): Portfolio: 50% - Written examination: 50%


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