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ISC212 – The Middle-Period of Islamic History

This module represents the third part of the history of Islam, familiarizing students with the periods that followed the formative period of Islam. The period of study begins with the rise of the Umayyads in 40/661 and finishes with end of the Abbasid caliphate at 922/1517. The module aims to give the students a broad understanding of the general trends, significant events, and the political terrain in one of the most significant eras of the Islamic age, allowing students to contextualize the development of the Islamic sciences in their historic background.

Module Title : The Middle-Period of Islamic History
Module Type: Core
Program: BA Islamic Studies
Prerequisite(s): The Formative Period of Islam (ISC115)
Credit(s): 10
Module Code: ISC212
Semester: ---
Component(s): Coursework: 50% - Written examination: 50%


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