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MIN 405 – Islamic Mysticism

As the conspicuous expression of Islamic spirituality, Islamic mysticism is indispensable for a deep understanding of the inner dimension of Islam. This module aims at introducing the salient features of the mystical tradition of Islam including the historical background of the mystical tradition, the foremost figures who played a major role in its development, the main issues pertaining to mysticism and their manifestations in both the religious and social contexts as well as the classical works dealing with both theoretical and practical mysticism.
Module Title : Islamic Mysticism
Module Type: Designated
Program: MA/PG Dip Islamic Studies Distance Education (DE)
Prerequisite(s): none
Credit(s): 15
Module Code: MIN 405
Semester: 2
Component(s): Activities: 30% Review Questions & Discussion Group: 10% Final Essay: 60%


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