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MIN 420 – Islamic Finance and Banking

This module aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of Islamic banking and finance. It focuses on making a case for Islamic finance industry and its development as an alternative financial system. The development of contemporary Islamic banking and finance is traced from its origins in the history of Islamic economics. It is aimed to use this to provide a basis for an understanding of the theoretical and operational challenges faced by Islamic banking and finance in a world dominated by conventional finance. This module also explores the potential for Islamic banking and finance to provide a vital input into the growing call for a moral economy in the post crisis world.
Module Title : Islamic Finance and Banking
Module Type: Designated
Program: MA Islamic Studies
Prerequisite(s): none
Credit(s): 30
Module Code: MIN 420
Semester: 2
Component(s): Coursework: 60% Tests: 20% Review Activity: 20%


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