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ML 418 – Comparative law and legal systems

Comparative Law and legal systems is unique among the modules offered because it is based on the method of study rather than the body of rules. For this reason, it can be described as an intellectual activity with Islamic law as its object and comparison as its process. Its underlying methodology involves the use of comparative analysis and as such the module is useful to students of Islamic family law, Islamic Commercial Law and Human rights and Islam complimented by the module of Islamic Jurisprudence. It is aimed to delve deep into the five major Islamic schools and discuss how differences of opinion about jurisprudential concepts would affect the judgement of jurists in their final decision. Focusing on comparing and contrasting Muslim legal systems and evaluating the wide range of legal issues that arise from the multiple sources of Islamic Law, the module aims to guide the students towards an understanding of the role of Shari’a Law in Muslim and Non-Muslim States.
Module Title : Comparative law and legal systems
Module Type: Designated
Program: MA/PG Dip Islamic Law Distance Education (DE)
Prerequisite(s): none
Credit(s): 30
Module Code: ML 418
Semester: 1
Component(s): Activities: 30% Review Questions & Discussion Group: 10% Final Essay: 60%


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