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QAD01 – Research Methodology

This module aims to equip students with qualitative and quantitative research method skills and theoretical knowledge in general, and for use in Islamic studies in particular. These skills are essential for the student throughout their career as an academic and researcher. Additionally, it will train students on how to investigate and design a research problem from start to finish using appropriate methodology and how to present their research outcome effectively. As such, students are provided with the opportunity to apply their learning to a subject matter of their own choice in the field of Islamic studies, while increasing awareness about various types of resources that will be of use during the course of their studies.
Module Title : Research Methodology
Module Type: Designated
Program: Cert HE in Qur’anic Arabic
Prerequisite(s): None
Credit(s): 10
Module Code: QAD01
Component(s): Coursework: 70% - Journal: 30%


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