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The Fifth Annual Conference on Shi’i Studies

Fifth Annual Conference on Shi‘i Studies
27-28 April 2019
Panel: Shi‘ism, Judaism, and Christianity
Shi‘a-Jewish interreligious dialogue: Developing historically conscious, philosophical conversations in difficult times.
Ezra Tzfadya, Otto Friedrich University, Bamberg, Germany
Contemporary developments and directions in Catholic-Shi‘a Dialogue
Zachary Candy, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA
Panel: Qur’an and Hadith: New questions
Chaired by Amir DeMartino, The Islamic College, London, UK
Is tafsīr ʿaqlī a method in Qur’anic exegesis?
Mohammed Ali Ismail, The Islamic College, London, UK
Sacred botany of the ‘alam al-mithal: A survey of harmal from the Vedas to the Shi‘a Imami traditions
Gianni Izzo, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
Crisis management from the perspective of the Qur’an: Contemporary theories and Shi‘i scholars’ interpretations
Jalal Fairooz, International University of Islamic Sciences, London, UK
Panel: Texts and readings: Early classical
Chaired by Mohammed Ali Ismail, The Islamic College, London, UK
Discovery of the Kitab al-Asrar ascribed to the first Fatimid Caliph-Imam al-Mahdī: Its ramifications
Ismail K. Poonawala, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Religion on the archetype of Creation: Exploring Inductive Reasoning in the Discourses of Al -Mu’ayyad fi al-Din al-Shirazi
Mustafa Yousuf Roker, Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Karachi, Pakistan and Goldsmiths University, London, UK
The literary alliance: A stylistic analysis of Nasir Khusraw’s confession-ode and Dai al-Mu’ayyad al-Shirazi’s panegyrics for Caliph-Imam al Mustansir
Dawood Mirza, Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Karachi, Pakistan
The Hermeneutics of al-Sharif al-Murtada (d. 436/1044) in the Interpretation of akhbar al-ahad in his Ghurar al-Fawa’id wa-Durar al-Qala’id
Ali Aghaei, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Germany
Panel: Isma‘ili experience and expression
Panj-Tani tradition: A set of beliefs and practices of the Shi‘i Ismailis of Badakhshan
Abdulmamad Iloliev, Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, UK
In praise of the ahl al-bayt: Poetic expressions from early modern Badakhshan
Nourmamadcho Nourmamadchoev, Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, UK
The mirage of equal educational access and the saga of Shi‘a Hazara’s participation in Kankor (university entrance exam) in Afghanistan
Khurshid Sana Khan, London, UK and BRAC, Bangladesh
Panel: Qur’an and Hadith: Interpretations and sources
Moses’ Meeting with God on Mount Sinai
Safdar Razi Master, University of Lund, Sweden and Alqaem Institute for Advanced Studies, Sweden
Sulaym ibn Qays in the Sunni Kutub al-Sittah
Alistair Key, Manchester, UK
Panel: Philosophy
Chaired by Hamid Tehrani, The Islamic College, London, UK
Comparative analysis of Heidegger and Mulla Sadra on the conception of being and human existence
Syed Alam Shah, University of Karachi, Pakistan
Is action part of thinking? A critical comment concerning critical rationalism
Seyed Ehsan Shahrestani, International Colleges of Islamic Science, London, UK
Abdul Rahim Afaki, University of Karachi, Pakistan
Syed Alam Shah, University of Karachi, Pakistan


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