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ICAS PRESS LATEST PUBLICATION – Foundations of Arabic Grammar

Arabic is the key to unlocking the treasures of the Islamic heritage. It is a means of understanding the Qur’an and its secrets, a path to grasping the meanings of the sunnah and its profundities, and a way into the depths of Arabic literature and its riches.

Foundations of Arabic Grammar is a translation of the first volume of Rashid al-Shartuni’s hugely popular textbook on Arabic grammar, Mabadi al-‘Arabiyyah (edited by Hamid al-Muhammadi). It consists of forty-eight short and easy-to-understand lessons on morphology and syntax. The topics are systematically arranged and the material is presented in a simple and lucid style, tailored specifically to the needs of beginners to the subject. Learning is further facilitated by means of carefully constructed exercises at the end of each lesson, a bilingual glossary of grammatical terms, and a parallel English-Arabic layout of the text.
Rashid ibn ‘Abd Allah al-Rami al-Shartuni was born in 1864 in Shartun, a village in Lebanon. He received his education in Keserwan District to the Northeast of Beirut where he mastered Syriac and French. He taught Arabic literature for 23 years in Beirut and died there in 1906. Among his other works are Tamrin al-Tullab fi al-Tasrif wa al-I‘rab, Nahj al-Mursalah, and Ta’rikh Lubnan.

Author: Rashid al-Shartuni

Translator: Mohammad Mehdi Baghi

Cover: Paperback

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