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ICAS PRESS LATEST PUBLICATION – Qur’anic Sciences and Shi’i Exegesis


The current work provides a comprehensive vista on the sciences of the Qur’an as developed in the Shi’i context.

It is a systematic presentation of Shi’i literature on various aspects of Qur’anic exegesis. Leading figures of Qur’anic scholarship in the Shi’i world have contributed to this volume, exploring a wide array of subjects such as revelation, methodology of exegesis, hermeneutics, reasons for revelation, definite and indefinite verses, improbability of distortion, and the thematic unity of different chapters of the Qur’an.

Also included in this volume are scholarly expositions on four classical Shi’i exegeses, namely al-Tibyan, Majma’ al-Bayan, Kanz al-‘Irfan and Tafsir of Mulla Sadra. Moreover, three modern masterpieces (Al-Mizan, Nimunih, and Tasnim) authored by twentieth-century Shi’i exegetes in Iran are examined.

Authors: Various

Editor: Abbas Bahmanpour

Cover: Paperback

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