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ICAS PRESS LATEST PUBLICATION – Wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad: A Compendium of Prophetic Hadith


Hadith – the reported words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (S) – rank only second to the Qur’an in their importance in Islamic thought. This collection of hadith provides a plethora of hadith on a vast variety of subjects, categorised for ease of reference. A translation of the contemporary Arabic hadith collection Muntakhab Hikam al-Nabi al-A‘zam, the hadith have been selected with an eye for authenticity from prominent classical Shi‘i and Sunni sources and include subjects such as knowledge, the intellect, theology, the afterlife, childrearing, economics, the Companions, and Prophetic medicine. It is ideal for researchers and scholars of Islam as well as those wishing to gain a greater understanding of the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (S) in this era when misconceptions abound. Translated lucidly and meticulously, it is presented in a bilingual Arabic-English edition with periodic commentary.


Price: Two volumes £65

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Author: M Muhammadi Rayshahri

Cover: Hardback


New Release

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