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  1. A Comparison between Ibn Arabi’s Epistemology and The Recent Theories of Knowledge
  2. A Critical Analysis of the Concept of Jihad and Qitaal in the Quran and its application modern contemporary period
  3. A New Paradigm for the Educational Advancement of Muslims
  4. A Theoretical Comparison of Happiness from an Islamic and Western Perspective: Tunisian Case Study
  5. Concept of Mahdi in early shia authorship
  6. Family Conflict Resolution in Islam: Specific Reference to Muslim Immigrants of Southern California
  7. Monotheism and Society; Analysis and Discussion of the Impact of Monotheism on Society; The relationship between Beliefs and Behaviors
  8. Muslim Family Law: How do Muslim Women pursue divorce in the UK?
  9. Muslim Women in Britain: Challenges faced in Education and Work
  10. Overlapping Sacred Spaces: Islam, Pluralism and the Hegemony of ‘Human Rights’
  11. The Implied Audience in Yūsuf: An analysis of literary techniques in sūrah twelve of the Qur’ān
  12. The Problem of Muslimness: Reconsidering the Theology of Inclusion-Exclusion in Muslim Thought
  13. “The Qur’an says…”: An Examination of the Selective Use of Translations of the Qur’an
  14. Faith Healing in Christianity and Islam:  A Comparative Analysis


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