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LIVE PUBLIC WEBINAR – The Portrayal of Women in Shi’ism in Western Academic Literature

A discussion of women in Islam is one of the most contentious and politicised subjects in contemporary studies of Islam and has been intimately tied with questions of “West versus East” and the colonialist project. It remains a flash point for perceived civilisational conflict in the media today. With that in mind, this webinar will explore the discussions of women in Shi’ism that appear in literature on Shi’ism published in the West. What kind of underlying assumptions are brought to the literature? Are there any particular slants characteristic of the literature? What about the influence of other subjects, such as Biblical studies? It is hoped that such an evaluation can lead to a more critical reading of the literature, as well as bring to light questions about the position of women in Shi‘i thought.

Speaker? Dr Amina Inloes
When? Friday 31st March
Time? 2.30 pm GMT

The online LINK to attend the webinar is:

This link will be activated 15 minutes in advance of the webinar.

– Participants need to use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and mobile devices do not support all the features.
– Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent any voice echo’s



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