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LIVE PUBLIC WEBINAR – Academic Writing for Islamic Studies


The webinar covers practical advice on how to improve one’s writing in general and formal academic writing in particular. The emphasis will be on clarity of presentation, critical reasoning, and sound argumentation. There will be a short review of a number of common logical fallacies which ought to be avoided in thoughts and arguments. The participants will be presented with samples of academic writings from the works of leading writers in the field of Islamic scholarship. Issues such as the choice of appropriate fonts for the Islamic Studies, the transliteration styles of two leading writing style manuals in Social Sciences and Islamic Studies, namely, IJMES and ICAS Press and effective application of transliteration conventions are among the topics to be discussed in the webinar.

Speaker? Hamid Murshid
When? Friday 3rd March
Time? 2.30 pm GMT

The online LINK to attend the webinar is:

This link will be activated 15 minutes in advance of the webinar.

– Participants need to use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and mobile devices do not support all the features.
– Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent any voice echo’s



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