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LIVE WEBINAR – The Relatively Just Society: Its Characteristics and Classes According to the Holy Qur’an


The human societies have existed since ancient times when many mini social units were formed, i.e. the family. Social scientists have examined the human society as a phenomenon and divided it into different types.

Such questions as leadership and justice remain as the most important topics relevant to the social reality. For a long time many thinkers, as well as Muslim laymen, held the assumption that as long as a society was led by a divinely perfected leader, the said society would be on the path to a bright future.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the existence of different classes within such a relatively just society, proving that it is far from strange to accept that this kind of society is not guaranteed glorious futures, unless the majority of their members have embraced –theoretically and practically- the divine ideals and values of their just leaders.

Speaker? Ali Al-Hakim
When? Friday 3rd February
Time? 2.30 pm GMT

The online LINK to attend the webinar is:

This link will be activated 15 minutes in advance of the webinar.

– Participants need to use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and mobile devices do not support all the features.
– Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent any voice echo’s


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