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Monthly Talk: On Writing a Historical-Critical Tafsīr

Monthly Talk: On Writing a Historical-Critical Tafsīr

A Talk by Professor Nicolai Sinai

Tuesday 13 February 2024
6.00 P.M. – 7.30 P.M. (LONDON TIME)
Zoom ID: 834 4933 6884 Passcode: 931992
HOSTED BY: The Islamic College, London, UK

Nicolai Sinai holds a PhD from the Free University Berlin (2007) and is a Fellow of the British Academy. Since 2011 he has been teaching at the University of Oxford, where he is now a professor of Islamic Studies. His most recent book is Key Terms of the Qur’an: A Critical Dictionary (2023).

This talk will present ongoing work on a historical and literary commentary on Surahs 1-3, undertaken in the framework of the ERC-funded project Qur’anic Commentary: An Integrative Paradigm. Topics addressed will include the commentary’s basic hermeneutical commitments, its methodological toolkit, and its envisaged structure and layout.


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