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Monthly Talk: How Does the Quran Introduce Jesus and Christianity?

A Talk by Dr Dwight Swanson
Friday 22nd  December 2023
6.00 P.M. – 7.30 P.M. (LONDON TIME)

Speaker: Dr Dwight Swanson
Title of the talk: How Does the Quran Introduce Jesus and Christianity?
Date: Friday, 22nd December 2023
Time: 6 pm – 7:30 pm
Dr Dwight Swanson is a Senior Research Fellow in Biblical Studies, Nazarene Theological College. He is also Co-Director, Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam. Dr Swanson’s research interests have moved to the Bible and Islam/Qur’an. He is currently working with the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford on the project ‘Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam’. He also contributed a number of dictionary articles to The Global Wesleyan Dictionary of Theology (Beacon Hill Press, 2012), Theologisches Worterbuch zu den Qumrantexten (Kohlhammer, 2011) and The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (Walter de Gruyter and Co.)..

FEE: None.
OPEN TO: All are welcome!
MORE INFORMATION: Contact 02084519993 or



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