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Online training workshop – An overview of the Islamic Worldview surrounding the institution of marriage

Saturday May 26th at 13:00 p.m. London Time

Subjects covered:

  • Concept of marriage in Islam
  • Marriage and the law of contract in Islam
  • Consequences of marriage in religion and secular law
  • Marriage and its preliminaries in the laws of the Muslim World

Trainer: Dr Wasti

Short-Bio of Dr Tahir Wasti:

Dr Tahir Wasti is a senior lecturer in The Islamic College London. He began his career in teaching and practising law in 1991 after passing LLM in Islamic law and Human Rights. He completed his PhD in Islamic law from the School of Oriental and African (SOAS) in 2006. He is an author of the Sharia law in Practice: The Application of Islamic Criminal Law in Pakistan published by Brill. Dr Wasti possesses a unique experience of teaching and practising Islamic Law in the courts of law. He is also a practiceising  Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales and advises Courts on the issues relating to Islamic Law.

All interested people welcomed.

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