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Online training workshop – The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Critical Thinking in an Islamic College

Date & Time: Saturday April 28th at 2:30 p.m. London Time

Subjects covered:

  1. Teaching methodology in a faith based institution
  2. Reason vs faith debate in teaching
  3. Islamic intellectual sciences and the challenges of modernity
  4. Teaching Islamic philosophy and theology in a secular age

Short Bio of Professor Mehdi Aminrazavi:

Prof. Mehdi Aminrazavi attended the University of Washington in Seattle where he earned his Bachelor’s in Urban Planning and Philosophy and his Master’s in Philosophy. He continued his graduate work at Temple University where he received a second Master’s in Comparative Religion and a doctorate in Islamic Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion.

Prof. Aminrazavi’s areas of specializations are Philosophy in Iran, Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Medieval philosophy.  He has published fifteen books and over sixty articles. Among his major works are Suhrawardi and the School of Illumination; The Islamic Intellectual Tradition in Persia; The Wine of Wisdom: The Life, Poetry and Philosophy of Omar Khayyam; and a 5 volume work entitled An Anthology of Philosophy in Persia, co-edited with Seyyed Hosssein Nasr.

He is currently Professor of Philosophy and Religion and, Co-Director of the Center for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies program at the University of Mary Washington.

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