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Showcase your artwork!

The Islamic College is accepting proposals from artists and curators, working in any media or discipline, for artwork to be included in its 2017 Islamic Art Exhibition. Prior experience is not a condition for acceptance. You have the option to sell your item(s) (at a price determined by yourself, without any fee due to us).


Email your proposal as a single PDF file to with “Exhibition Proposal ” in the subject line of the email. Please make sure your proposal includes the following:

  • Biography and contact information (maximum 2 paragraphs). Please include your name, address, email, telephone number, and website (if available), as well as a short biography which can be displayed next to your artwork.
  • Proposal summary. A summary (maximum 800 words) of the project you are proposing. This should cover the main themes of the work and outline how you intend to display it within the space.
  • Description of your artwork (maximum 500 words). Dimensions, approximate weight, materials used, and a short description which can be displayed next to your artwork.
  • Supporting material. Please send us a photo or video of your artwork. All images and links for audio and video files should be contained within the body of the PDF file and captioned accordingly. All photos and videos submitted will be kept confidential and will not be distributed by The Islamic College.
  • Additional information. Any other necessary information, such as whether or not you require any special equipment to display your work (such as a stand, computer, or special lighting), whether you are able to provide that yourself or whether you require equipment from The Islamic College, or whether any funding bodies are involved with your work.


  • Proposals will only be accepted via email to
  • The proposal must be completed and attached as a single PDF file including all supporting material. This should be titled “YourName-Proposal”
  • A max of ten items should be used to illustrate your work/proposal. All images should be contained within the body of the PDF file and captioned accordingly. Film and audio work should be uploaded online (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, artist website, DropBox) and links provided within your PDF
  • When referring to websites to support your proposal, you should provide the direct links for the particular pages/files you wished us to view, and a brief explanation (maximum 50 words) on what will be viewed
  • Artist websites that supplement your biography are encouraged
  • All the works which succeed in the proposal and are exhibited should remain in the exhibition space, from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.
  • The Islamic College reserves the right to take and distribute photographs and videos of artwork during the exhibition, as well as to share the associated information about the contributors and pieces.
  • Unless otherwise stated, by submitting this proposal, you are certifying that this is your own original work which you have rights to. If it is a joint work, you are certifying that you have the right to submit it. In that case, be sure to include the names of other artist(s).


This show will runs for 6 days, from 2nd to 7th of May, with three days for installation and de-installation. The exhibition will coincide with our academic conference, featuring a number of international visitors, so it is an excellent time to share your artwork!


Due to limited space, The Islamic College is unable to store works of art. All works must be removed from the premises during de-installation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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