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The Sixth Annual Conference on Shi’i Studies

Sixth Annual Conference on Shi‘i Studies
13 March 2021

Panel: Theology and Philosophy

Chaired by Hamid Tehrani, The Islamic College, London, UK

Questioning the concept of ghulat
Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky, USA
Al-Insan al-Kamil and the Virtuous City
Polina Aniftou, University of Lancaster, Cyprus
Philosophical Determinism according to Sheikh Ghulam Rida Fayyadi
Shiraz Husain Agha, Independent researcher, Iran
The Quran vs. the Theory of Evolution: A Critical Assessment of the Contrasting Views of Two Prominent Shi‘a Scholars of the 20th Century: Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabaee and Dr Yadollah Sahabi
Ali Paya, The Islamic College, London, UK
Panel: Shi‘ism in Iraq and the Middle East
Chaired by Amir Dastmalchian, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
The Edicts of Marājiʿ and the Concerns of Iraqi Youth Today
Sophia Butt, University of Birmingham, UK
Shi‘i Educational Traditions and Systems in Early Modern Iraq and Iran
Zackery Heern, Idaho State University, USA
Shi‘a Muslim Feminism: Alternative Voices of Resistance from Iraq and Kuwait
Hossein Nazari, University of Tehran, Iran
Zeinab Mehanna, Al-Mustafa University, Iran
Panel: The Qur’an and Islamic Law
Chaired by Amina Inloes, The Islamic College, London, UK
The Legal Purport of “Refraining from Seeking Clarification”
Aun Hasan Ali, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Hadi Qazwini, University of Southern California, USA
Shi‘i Exegesis in the Tenth Century: Ayyashi’s Tafsir as a Literary Genre
Liyakat Takim, McMaster University, Canada
Gender Justice in Islam: An Evaluation of Ziba Mir-Hosseini’s Religious Epistemology by Examining her Interpretation of Qur’an 4:34
Tim Orr, Indiana University, Purdue University Columbus, USA
Panel: Contemporary Issues
Chaired by Amir Dastmalchian, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
The Islamic economy according to Mūsā al-Ṣadr: The avant-gardist thoughts of an original Shi‘i reformist cleric
Tristan Hillion-Launey, EHESS, France
The Role of Faith in Enhancing Environmental Practices in Khoja Shi‘a Faith Communities
Makbul Rahim, Middlesex University, London, UK
Panel: Ritual Practice
Chaired by Muhammad Zakaria, The Islamic College, London, UK
Traditional Contact against Media Hegemony: The Importance and the Functions of the Ziarat-e Arbaeen in the Shi‘a World
Mohammad Samiei, University of Tehran, Iran
Performing Past, Narrating Today: Ta‘ziyeh as a Historiographic Intervention in Shia Islam
Mohammadreza Mashhadi Ayvaz, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Contemporary Shi‘i Engagement with the Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava Tradition
David Coolidge, Graduate Theological Union, California, USA


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