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An Online Postgraduate-Level Studies Certificate Programme in Exegesis and Quranic Sciences

Programme Title
Exegesis and Qur’anic Sciences
Programme Code
Entry Requirements
The Programme is open to people of all faiths. Applicants should hold an honours degree in Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Studies or related fields. Consideration is also given to other qualifications, including non-formal qualifications, on an individual basis.
Mature students, with appropriate backgrounds, are also welcome to the course.
Final Qualification
PSCEQSP (Postgraduate Studies Certificate in Exegesis and Quranic sciences) (Issued by The Islamic College)
Duration of Study
(Number of Semesters)
Three Semesters (full-time) & Six Semesters (part-time)
Mode of study
Fees 2022/23
Financial Assistance

Scholarship and study grants are available subject to conditions.
Please contact the College for more details.

Academic year
Application Deadline
15th September 2023
Application Procedure
Application for this course is online, please click here for enrolment.
Contact Postgraduate Certificate Programmes Department
0044 (0) 2084519993 (Ext. 231)

In this programme, students will engage in an in-depth study of the Qur’an, the Muslims’ divine scripture, utilising different exegetical methods.

Qur’anic exegesis provides the knowledge and tool to understand the meaning of each word and phrases and become familiar with the underlying meaning of the text. In this programme, the students will become well-versed with the principles of exegesis and Qur’anic sciences.  They will engage in their own independent research through reading the Qur’an and consulting major exegetical works, while using sequential or thematic methods and employing different theological, philosophical, mystical, narrative and jurisprudential approaches of different Islamic intellectual tradition, especially that of Shi’i school.

The students will become familiar with both the external and internal hermeneutic principles governing the understanding of the text. They will learn different exegetical methods including Qur’an-by-Qur’an, narration-based, reason/intellect-based, or mystical methods. The programme will also delve into the views of leading orientalists regarding the Qur’an, its compilation and qira’āt.


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