The Islamic College Presents:


10 Nightly Zoom Sessions Dealing with Challenges Faced by Muslims in the West

30 Aug – 10 Sept 2021 (6 pm – 8 pm, London Time)

Each Online Short Course Will Be Followed by a Q&A Session

Fundamental Modern Questions and Challenges

With the onset of modernity, traditional Islamic societies have had to formulate their responses to this new phenomenon. Muslim thinkers and intellectuals have been at the forefront of dealing with these novel challenges. The Islamic College in London has invited a number of such thinkers and professionals to speak on these challenges in a series of nightly online short course and engage with the audience in the Q&A session that follows.

Do join us for lively discussions on the most important topics of the day!

Day Date Lecturer Topic
Monday 30.08.2021 Dr Amina Inloes Fundamental Questions on Religion and God’s Existence
Tuesday 31.08.2021 Dr Mohsen Ghanbari Questions on Mahdism in Islamic Thought
Wednesday 01.09.2021 Sheikh Ahmad Haneef Challenges Facing Muslim Communities in the West
Thursday 02.09.2021 Professor Seyyid Fazel Milani How Does Shi’i Ijtihad Address Modern Challenges?
Friday 03.09.2021 Dr Muhammad Jawad Zarean Challenges of Raising Children in Today’s World
Monday 06.09.2021  RP Berak Hussain Islamic Psychology & Counselling Theories and Practice
Tuesday 07.09.2021 Dr Isa Jahangir Typology of Muslim Responses to Modernity
Wednesday 08.09.2021 Seyyed Amin Shamaei Muslims and Consumerism: A problem?
Thursday 09.09.2021 Dr Saeid Sobhani Questions on Hadith and its Validity
Friday 10.09.2021 Sheikh Hossein Mohammdian Is Asceticism(Zuhd) Practical for a Modern Lifestyle?

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