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Can Science Replace God? A Critical Assessment of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion

27th June – 28th June 2019

Time: 18:30 – 20:30


Can Science replace God? The response of a new generation of atheist writers to this question is a resounding yes. Richard Dawkins, one of the outspoken representatives of this neo-atheist generation, claims in his book, The God Delusion, among other things, that ‘the existence of God is a scientific hypothesis’. He goes on to emphasise that the position towards which he tends to incline is that of a strong atheist who states that ‘I know there is no God, with the same conviction as Jung “knows” there is one.’

The aim of this short course is to critically explore the validity of a range of claims made by the author of The God Delusion concerning God and religious ideas and ideals. The course introduces a philosophical doctrine known as Critical Rationalism as an intellectual tool for the investigation of the relationship between religion (and in particular Islam) and science and assessment of the views of the neo-atheists.

Registration is mandatory
Course fee: £20*

*FREE for The Islamic College Students


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